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PROBOX2 Air Review

Probox 2 Air Review

This week we are reviewing the PROBOX2 Air, a box we have really been looking forward to getting our hands on. We reviewed their previous box, the PROBOX2 Ex, and we really liked it, so we were really hoping that this device would live up to its predecessor, and it did not disappoint. It has great build quality like the previous boxes, but has upgraded technology, and the PROBOX2 Air features Amlogic S905X Quad Core CPU, 2GB DDR3 RAM, and 16GB of eMMC flash storage, and runs Android Marshmallow 6.0.

What’s in the Box?

Firstly, the PROBOX2 Air is really nicely packaged, in a compact box. When you open it up the device is on top, with all the accessories underneath, including the power cable, HDMI cable, infra-red remote control and the antenna. We also opted for the Remote+ wireless remote, which comes packaged with its dongle.

The device itself is really compact, and has a very nice feel to it. Just by holding it you know you are getting a quality device, not like some of the junk available out there. It has a blue light on the front, and around the back you will find the power input, a USB 2.0 port, HDMI out, 100 megabit Ethernet port and an optical out. ON the left side there is a USB 2.0 slot and a MicroSD card slot, and on the right side there is the antenna hub. The base of the device has a rubberized surface, which is great for preventing the device from slipping and sliding around.

Remote Control

As we mentioned, we opted to upgrade to the PROBOX2 Remote+. We have used this remote before, and it highly in our Best Android TV Box Remote article. We always recommend upgrading from the standard infra-red remote, as it can be a pain to have to always point your remote directly at the device. The PROBOX2 Remote+ also has a host of other cool features, such as air mouse functionality, a microphone, and is also shaped like an old school gaming controller so you can use this to play games on your device. It has a nice solid feel to it, with nice chunky plastic buttons, and it really eclipses the standard remote. So if you do decide on getting a PROBOX2 Air, we definitely recommend spending the extra few pounds and getting this remote.


When you turn on the PROBOX2 Air you are greeted by a brand new launcher that is really clean and tidy, and simple to use. Of course, as always, you can easily install whatever launcher you like to suit your own preferences, but in our opinion this one is really nice.

probox2 air review

Performance Benchmarks

We checked out the PROBOX2 Air against some of the usual benchmarks. Here are the results:

Speedtest: In our WiFi speed test, the PROBOX2 Air clocked a speed of 20MB/S upload, and 95MB/S download, which is a similar score to the PROBOX2 EX.

Geekebench: The PROBOX2 AIR had a Single-Core Score of 606, and a Multi-core score of 1692, so impressive scores here all round.

Media Playback

The PROBOX2 Air was flawless when it came to video playback, we really couldn’t fault it and it breezed through all our tests. We put it through its paces streaming a number of blue rays over our network, and it performed impeccably. Even when it came to streaming 4k video, the PROBOX2 Air handled it with no issues.

It was performed similarly well when streaming online content. It played 1080p YouTube clips with ease, and we used it to stream live sports on a number of occasions with no issues whatsoever. Netflix also streamed perfectly.

Kodi works really well on this device, so whether you are looking for a device for streaming your own movie collection, or for watching sports online, this is a really great box.


We tried this devices out with a couple of games, and it worked really well. The controller style remote is a nice addition, and it performed well on our test on Asphalt 8 Airborn, but this device will handle any game on the Google Play Store with ease.


Overall, this is an excellent box, and one of the best we have tested. It really is top of the line when it comes to build quality and technology. There are some great features, such as online updates, that make your life easier. The team at PROBOX have done an excellent job with this box, and it goes straight into our Best Android Box of 2017 post, and deservedly so.

9.2 Total Score
Super Box from a Super Manufacturer

Another top quality box from the team at PROBOX2. Constantly innovating and improving their products and services. One of the best out there.

Media/Video Playback
  • Nice design and great build quality
  • Excellent Video Playback
  • Remote+ is great
  • If we had to pick one, the infra-red remote isn't great
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